Over this series, we’ll be unpacking these chapters and seeking to grow in our understanding of how God’s glorious Gospel of grace shapes our world, church, and lives.

The ‘Gospel’ of course is not merely an idea, or a concept, nor some spiritual ‘truth’, but the GOOD NEWS of Jesus: that through his life, death, resurrection, and enthronement on high is now Lord of all. The GOOD NEWS of Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s promise to rescue the world, draw us close to himself, and complete his work of new creation (which we await for Jesus’ return). He is the source, subject, and goal!

For each week, the followING resources are available:

  • Audio of the Sermon (click on each sermon to access the sermon player)

  • Sermon Resources (includes sermon transcript, Small Group Questions, and 'Going Deeper' Resource)

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THROUGHOUT this series, how about trying these things:

  • Read through Romans in one sitting (or at least the first eight chapters). You could also listen to an audio Bible.

  • Buy a commentary and read the relevant chapters each week to match where we are up to in the series (we have some suggestions on the back of our ‘Going Deeper’ resource). You could also check out our library.

  • Watch the ‘Bible Project’ overview of Romans, at the bottom of this page.

  • Do the Jesus Explained Course. If you’re not sure about what you make of Jesus or the Gospel, complete this four-week course to understand more.

  • Pray. Above all, pray! Pray that we would be a Gospel- shaped community, compelled by the Good News to live in obedient faith.