New Series on 1 Thessalonians

Next week we begin a new series on 1 Thessalonians. First Thessalonians is a letter written by Paul to the Christian community in Thessalonica. This community was one of the first churches planted by Paul (along with Silvanus and Timothy - see the back story in Acts 17), only to quickly experience persecution for following Jesus. In light of this, Paul writes to the community to encourage them to press on amidst persecution, with eager anticipation of Jesus’ return along with a rejoicing in signs of God’s Kingdom already unfolding. Paul implores the Thessalonians to keep on pressing on in this hope, meeting persecution not with retaliation, but with grace and faithfulness. It’s all about how we live in preparation for the coming King.

How to Prepare?

#1 Read 1 Thessalonians

You can do so in your own Bible (of course!), or online.

#2 Watch an Overview by the Bible Project

#3 Pray

  • Pray that God will strengthen our commitment to love;

  • Pray that we will grow in our holiness;

  • Pray that we will live in great anticipation of Jesus’ return;

  • That we will be good examples in our city of Toowoomba. Fulfilling people’s needs and proclaiming the Gospel; and

  • That God would sustain us even amidst trouble.

#4 Access Another Resource

Two excellent commentaries are:

  • “1 and 2 Thessalonians” by Leon Morris

  • “The First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians” by Gordon Fee