At St Bart’s, we’re privileged to work together in the Gospel with eight different Mission Partners locally, nationally, and internationally. Our support for each partner consists of a combination of financial resources, practical help, and regular prayer. 

For more information, please contact any of the liaison people or with the coordinator of the Mission Partners group, Geoff Bishop.


City Women

The Toowoomba City Women group exists to mobilise the women of God in Toowoomba; to work together to support and encourage hurting women in our community, through programs already established within Toowoomba. Domestic violence, drugs, homelessness, depression, unwanted pregnancies, all are significant issues in our nation —and in our City. Toowoomba City Women believe that the Church in Toowoomba has a responsibility to love our women with a desire to see a great army of women and supporters build a better community.

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($2500/year), and Practical (many of our members are involved with various ministries of City Women, and we’re hoping to grow this).

St Bart’s Liaison: Kay Twidale.


Rosies is a ministry inspired by the Gospel to reach out to those most abandoned, to be present with them, offering them experiences of community and belonging. Rosies is involved in street ministry, children and drug court support, and youth detention visitation. They seek to foster people’s self-worth and dignity, to reach out to people where they are at accepting them as they are, and welcoming them into our community. Rosies stand in solidarity with each contact to offer hope to those experiencing, isolation, loneliness and alienation. They aim to model a Christian and humane society in which the most vulnerable in our society are loved and cared for.

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($500/year), and we would love to encourage our members to consider Practical ways of assisting in this critical ministry.

St Bart’s Liaison: Vince Little.

SU QLD Chaplaincy

Scripture Union is the organisation which funds (with some government and private assistance) selects, and places chaplains in our State Schools. A well, SU provides other supportive activities for school aged children especially those with problems. These include Holiday Camps many of which are subsidised by donations. Here children receive extra attention for particular needs under the umbrella of a caring organisation. As a church we support two chaplains: Tricia Quattromani at Gabbinbar State Primary School and Jason Attwood at Centenary Heights State High School.

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($5000/year per chaplain – a total of $10,000), and Practical ways of supporting.

St Bart’s Liaison (Gabbinbar): TBA.
St Bart’s Liaison (Centenary Heights): Joy Wright.


Bush Church Aid

BCA is an Association of Christians within the Anglican church that has a priority in mission to the isolated, regional, and remote urban and rural people of Australia, to share the gospel, and to build up the church. Locals in many of these places are removed from cities, live in sparsely populated towns, and often don’t benefit from strong support networks of family and friends. Churches in these areas can struggle and encouragement can become a rarity. St Bart’s partners with BCA, specifically to support the ministry of David and Joanne Piper at Lightning Ridge Community Church.

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($5000/year).

St Bart’s Liaison: Penny Fuelling.

Western Parish

As an initiative of Bishop Cameron, we’re partnering for three years with the Maranoa Warrego Anglican District, under the leadership of Steffan Van Munster. This area covers an enormous region, many communities of which are very isolated. This year we are hoping to continue to grow the relationship, assist in practical ways, and have allocated some funds for purposes that we’ll determine as the relationship develops. Part of this will include helping the district setup a website. We’re also hoping to arrange visits to encourage the local churches and support the community.

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($1500 in 2015), and Practical (e.g., visiting, encouraging, assisting where possible, and sharing training resources).

St Bart’s Liaison: David Johnstone.


Bishop Daniel Deng (Diocese of Duk, South Sudan)

The Diocese of Duk is located within the crossroads of the conflict zone and close to 66,000 of Bishop Daniel's flock live in the displaced camps within South Sudan, and in Refugee Camps in Kenya and Uganda. Only about 10% of the above number live in the area. Bishop Daniel was consecrated in 2014 and serves faithfully within this region within the areas of peace initiatives, an orphanage project, adult education, and clergy capacity development.

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($3400 in 2017), and Practical (e.g., development of website for Diocese of South Sudan).

St Bart’s Liaison: Adam Lowe.


T&J are living and working in South East Asia. They have intentionally made this country their home to bear witness to the love of Christ amongst the majority Buddhist population. Here, as with many other minority faiths, being a Christian will leave you socially outcast and may endanger your life. T&J hope that their witness by serving those with disabilities – as a physiotherapist and occupational therapist – will speak of the hope and love Christ brings to all, and especially to the downtrodden. If you would like to read more about CMS, visit their website:

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($5000/year). Due to distance, our practical support is limited, however we do send care packages from time-to-time. 

St Bart’s Liaison: Amy Norman.

Hearts for Africa

John Naumann, raised on a farm at Gowrie Junction, was ordained a priest in Brisbane and served in several of the Brisbane Diocese’s Parishes; and is the Founder and Managing Director of Hearts for Africa sponsored through the Amani Development Organisation, Dodoma, Tanzania. The Foundation supports and cares for a rural area south of Dodoma devoted to the relief of poverty by developing and engaging with local communities, working towards self-sustainability and lasting solutions. Projects established since 2005 include: water wells providing for domestic supplies and irrigation and associated agricultural activities, a school for homeless and orphan children, health support, micro loans, and emergency relief.

Type of Support: Prayer and Financial ($5000/year).

St Bart’s Liaison: Barry Stone.