If you would like to get more involved in the life of our church, choose from the options below. Alternatively, feel free to get in contact with us.


If you see St Bart’s as your home church, you’re invited to become an official member. Membership is about inviting people to covenantally opt in to who we are and what we believe – this comes certain rights and responsibilities. Rights include being able to vote on matters at the Annual Meeting and for the Parish Council membership. Responsibilities include contributing to the life and ministry of the church through prayer, serving, and giving.


Small Groups are an amazing opportunity to explore Sunday’s message, pray for and support one another, deepen friendships, and help each other grow in our trust in Jesus. We have about 20 groups that meet every week all over Toowoomba, usually in people’s homes. Anyone is welcome to join a Small Group and our Small Group Coordinator (David Browne) can help you find the most suitable one. 


Using our gifts and time to build up God’s church is a great privilege and responsibility of every passionate follower of Jesus. At St Bart’s, we have a wide range of ministry opportunities across a broad number of teams. The range of teams and roles are grouped under seven departments: (a) Sunday Services; (b) Mission and Evangelism; (c) Social Transformation; (d) Community and Events; (e) Site Management; (f) Administration & Communications; and (g) Children, Youth, and Young Adults.


The finances of our church are completely dependent upon the generous and sacrificial giving of our members. There are two primary ways in which our members can give – either via direct debit or through offerings received at each of our Sunday Services.