First Samuel tells the dramatic story of Israel’s desire for an earthly king to rule over them. Despite God’s warning that such a king would fall short, God relents and King Saul rules with disastrous consequences. A faithful king is on the rise, however it’s only by coming to God in humility and obedience that their - and our - greatest hopes can be fulfilled. Series starts April 28, 2019.

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  • Sermon Resources (includes sermon transcript, Small Group Questions, and 'Going Deeper' Resource)

  • Going Deeper Resources (includes articles, sermons, videos, family resources, and other helpful links)

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Series Resources

Download in PDF or read below.

Getting Started

Visit the 1 Samuel page that forms part of the Bible Project. This includes a helpful overview, video, and poster that provide a useful summary of this important book. One Samuel contains so many famous stories (e.g., the Ark of the Lord being captured and taken to the temple of Dagon, David and Goliath’s brief battle, the rise of David as a pointer to Christ) but the video below helps put the stories into context.

Key Resource

“1 Samuel For You” by Tim Chester is an excellent introduction to 1 Samuel that will be suitable for people reading at a range of levels. The guide includes helpful discussion of the content of 1 Samuel, along with plenty of practical and devotional application. Watch an introduction to the book by Tim Chester.

Other Helpful Books

  • “1 and 2 Samuel: Hope for the Helpless” by Andrew Reid (“Reading the Bible Today Series”)

  • “1 Samuel: Looking on the Heart” by Dale Ralph Davis (“Focus on the Bible Series”)

Reading on Related Themes

The quality of character, along with humility before God, are two central themes in the book of 1 Samuel. These two books are helpful in exploring these themes. 

  • “Virtue Reborn” by Tom Wright

  • “Humilitas” by John Dickson

Advanced Commentary 

  • “1 Samuel: Looking for a Leader” by John Woodhouse (part of the “Preaching the Word Series”)

Helpful for Families

  • “David: The Fearless Fighter” as part of the “Bible Wise” Series (available here)

  • “100 Best-Loved Bible Stories” has five of the key stories from 1 Samuel (available here)

  • “The Jesus Storybook Bible” has key stories from 1 Samuel through the lens of Jesus (available here)

See the St Bart’s Kids Shelf in the library for other relevant Children and Families resources.