Purposeful Parenting (Keeping Christ at the Heart of Easter)

At the workshop, Bettrys and Amy shared a number of great ideas that might help you shape how you celebrate both Lent and Easter this year - helping you to find ways to ensure Christ remains the focus.  Two key resources are available for download.

There are two key resources. The first is a poster outlining some suggestions on how to point to Jesus through: (a) sharing the story, (b) worship, (c) things to create, and (d) things to do together. The second resource is a list of the top books (all now available at Koorong) we would recommend for children that help focus on either the Easter story or the message of hope, grace, and new life we receive in Jesus knowing. On the reverse side, you will find a list of some amazing links to online resources including youtube clips, craft pages, printable resources, and more.