What a joy it is to be in Gospel partnership together in this great city of Toowoomba! As a church, we stand in a long history of faithful Gospel witness and have the privilege of continuing the mission to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for God’s glory. With continuing growth under God, and in order to provide a foundation for future generations, it’s evident that now is the time to build.

STAGE TWO is of course not a new idea – the plan to add a larger worship space, more offices, and flexible rooms has been the plan since the inception of the new building. Now, 4.5 years on, our building is being used on an ever-increasing basis. This includes not only Sundays, but also mid-week ministries, training and teaching days, various children’s events, prayer groups, and even a number of community groups. Under God, almost all of these groups have grown. With great thanks to God, our Sunday services have grown from an average weekly attendance of 218 to 360 in just five years. In the past two years alone, our average attendance has grown by over 100. It’s clear that in order to keep on enabling our mission, now is the time to complete our building to provide much-needed space for growth.

Recent STAGE TWO Updates