2018 is our year of ‘Next Steps’ for us as a church. We’re hoping and praying that we’ll all — as individuals and as a church — press further into our mission to make and mature disciples by seeking to take a next step in prayer, evangelism, growth, and serving. 

Resources to Get Started


Next step in prayer

PRAYER is simply speaking and listening to God. It is the most important activity of every follower of Jesus! A ‘next step’ in prayer could include growing in our devotional lives, praying with others daily, praying more intentionally for our church and world, and/or attending some prayer training.


next step in EVANGELISM

EVANGELISM is simply sharing the Good News of Jesus through what we say and do. It’s a key way in which we take part in God’s mission and unfolding Kingdom! This could involve daily praying for someone to know the Gospel, attending some training, or inviting a friend. 


next step in GROWTH

GROWTH simply refers to becoming more mature as followers of Jesus. This next step recognises that our development as disciples is a life-long journey. This next step could involve reading the Bible daily, signing up for the Ridley Certificate, or attending a training day.


next step in SERVING

SERVING simply refers to knowing, developing, and using our God-given gifts and resources for God’s purposes in the world. This could involve praying intentionally before you serve, learning more about your gifts, encouraging others to use their gifts, or using your gifts more effectively.