As a church we love that we are part of God's mission to the world through Jesus. As we seek to make and mature disciples in everything we do, we also have specific mission groups that meet regularly.

Mission Partners Group: This group meets most months to discuss how we can best pray for and support our mission partners. For more information, contact the leader of the Mission Partners Group, Geoff Bishop ( You can also read about our various mission partnerships below

Praying for 7.30AM: This group meets each month to pray for the mission and outreach of our 7.30AM congregation. For more information, contact John Strachan (

2019 Mission Partners

At St Bart’s, we’re privileged to work together in the Gospel with eight different Mission Partners locally, nationally, and internationally. Our support for each partner consists of a combination of financial resources, practical help, and regular prayer. 

For more information, please contact any of the liaison people or with the coordinator of the Mission Partners group, Geoff Bishop.


SU QLD Chaplaincy

SU is the organisation which funds (with some government and private assistance), selects, and places chaplains in our State Schools. School chaplains support young people in one of today’s most high pressure environments – the schoolyard. SU QLD chaplains provide a safe and positive influence for our children. SU also provides Holiday Camps many of which are subsidised by donations. Here children receive extra attention for particular needs. As a church we will be supporting three chaplains in 2019: 

Kevin Murray at Gabbinbar State Primary School
Jason Berry at Centenary Heights State High School
Bev Cowie at Middle Ridge State School 

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($4000/chaplain – total of $12000), and Practical support.

St Bart’s Liaisons: Sheila Forknall and Sammy Brider



BCA is an association of Christians within the Anglican church that has a priority in mission to the isolated, regional, and remote urban and rural people of Australia, to share the Gospel, and to build up the church. Locals in many of these places are removed from cities, live in sparsely populated towns, and often don’t benefit from strong support networks of family and friends. Churches in these areas can struggle and encouragement can become a rarity. With the Piper family having finished at Lightning Ridge, we are awaiting to hear from BCA who our specific local partner will be in 2019. Where possible, we hope to also visit this partner. 

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($5200/year), and Practical (we’re currently waiting to hear which particular BCA site that we will be connected with).

St Bart’s Liaisons: Penny Fuelling and David Johnstone


Bishop Daniel Deng (Diocese of Duk, South Sudan)

The Diocese of Duk is located within a significant conflict zone in South Sudan. Many (almost 90%) of the people for whom Bishop Daniel is responsible, live in displaced camps within South Sudan, and in Refugee Camps in Kenya and Uganda. Bishop Daniel was consecrated in 2014 and serves faithfully within this region, focusing on peace initiatives, an orphanage project, adult education, and developing the capacity of his clergy. In recent times, the people in the Diocese of Duk have continued to undergo significant trials. As we partner with the Diocese, we also have the opportunity to provide support at particular times of challenge. We are also working with Bishop Daniel to help establish a long-term model for support.

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($2000), and Practical (website and other).

St Bart’s Liaison: Adam Lowe and Hannah Mason


The Church Missionary Society of Australia (CMS) is a fellowship of Christian people and churches committed to global mission. CMS work with churches to set apart long-term workers who cross cultures to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Whilst we have been linked with T&J in Southeast Asia in previous years, in 2019 we will be given a new mission partner to link with. We also host the annual Toowoomba CMS Conference (Saturday, October 19). This is because T&J will no longer be serving with CMS, but instead focusing on different mission and ministry in Australia). If you would like to read more about CMS, visit their website: 

Type of Support: Prayer, Financial ($5200/year). Due to distance, practical support is limited, however we do send care packages and host the annual Toowoomba conference.

St Bart’s Liaison: Barry Stone and Geoff Bishop

The Lean Family (Samaritan’s Purse)

In 2019, the Lean family will be moving to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to serve at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital. Having previously travelled to Kudjip, they will be part of a team ministering to an area of desperate need. Dave will be working as a paediatrician, and Mary will be ministering to their young family (of 5) and serving as able in the Kudjip community. The Leans will be part of the World Medical Mission’s (the medical arm of Samaritan’s Purse) Two-Year Post Residency Program that is seeking to address the global staffing crisis facing mission hospitals. Following their specialty training, doctors or dentists are placed at a mission hospital where they will serve within their specialty.

Type of Support: Prayer and Financial ($10000)* are the main focus due to distance. *Includes a $2400 gift from a small group.

St Bart’s Liaison: Vince Little and Belinda Bell