2019 is a year of being Disciple Makers at St Bart’s. With the recognition that we are disciples with one Lord, we are seeking to use the whole of our lives to see other disciples made. 

To help us with that, we’ve created a discipleship pathway (Enquiring, Beginning, Growing) that has a step for anyone, be they a sceptic or a long-term follower of Jesus. Part of our hope and plan is to equip every person in our church in the activity of one-on-one discipleship. It’s all part of our mission to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for God’s glory.

  • ENQUIRING: If you’re not sure what you think about Jesus, are sceptical of his claims, or just would like to know more about who he is, then we’d love to help you explore this more. READ MORE

  • BEGINNING: If you feel pretty new to Jesus and want to grow more as a follower (e.g., in your prayer life, reading the Bible, evangelism, and serving God), we have some great options for you to consider. READ MORE

  • GROWING: Even if you’ve been following Jesus for a while, we all are commanded by Jesus to keep growing in our following of him. There are some great options to help with this (e.g., Small Groups and Training Centre) at St Bart’s. READ MOR


Three Foundations for a Year of Disciple Makers

Jesus is Lord of All

One of the earliest claims of the first followers of Jesus was that he was the ‘Lord of all’! The claim of Christianity is not only that Jesus’ Lordship is supreme (in every element of creation and in new creation), but also perfectly sufficient. That is, there is nothing outside of Jesus’ authority and Kingship. If we, as followers of Jesus, are to take that claim seriously, it means that Jesus shapes every moment and every part of our lives! That also means every part of our lives matters to God, because every part is under the Lordship of Jesus. 

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Whole-Life Disciples

Following Jesus is both life-long and whole-of-life (every part!). That means, that every follower of Jesus has multiple “frontlines” in which we come into contact with people everyday with an opportunity to show and share the Gospel. It’s not just the ‘gathered’ life of the church that matters to God, but also our ‘scattered’ life where we spend most of our time. We will be growing together in identifying our frontlines, being challenged to see them as an opportunities for the Gospel, and then actually being intentional in using them.

Sermon Available 13/01/2019.

Making Disciples

Every follower of Jesus has the responsibility to not only be growing in Jesus, but growing other followers of Jesus. This takes many forms, but in 2019, we’re seeking to equip every person in our church with the resources to help other people explore their first steps with Jesus (who he is, why he came, what is his relevance) and then what it looks like to follow him in our everyday lives (e.g., prayer, Bible reading, serving, and evangelism). We’ll have practical resources available, along with some simple training to assist us.

Sermon Available 20/01/2019.

We’re a Church Full of Everyday Disciples

We’re ordinary people who are compelled by the Good News of Jesus and seeking to follow him with every aspect of our lives.

Want to Know More About Jesus? Here are Three Options



Come along to our four-week Jesus Explained Course or join us on a Sunday (make an enquiry below).



Join our four-week Discipleship Course with one other person or in a group. Enquire below.



Join a Small Group or consider the Ridley Certificate at our Training Centre. Enquire below.

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