Helpers Needed for Mainly Music

In order to keep up with the demand for mainly music, this year at mainly music we have moved to hosting two sessions (9:15am and 10:30am). Families have been invited to register a place at one of these sessions in order to avoid waiting lists. Currently we have over 40 families (total of over 65 children) registered to start on February 11. 80% of these families are from outside the parish.
We are currently looking for people to join our team and minister weekly to the families attending (welcome, help children participate in session, hold babies, talk with parents over morning tea). We are also asking for helpers to set up and serve morning tea (approx once a term). Please see Bettrys Lowe or Helen Obst for more information.

Induction for Key Holders

If you currently hold a key for St Bart's, we are conducting an induction for every key holder on January 31. This session will take place from 11.30AM and is expected to be completed prior to 12.15PM. Please bring your key on the day and if you are unable to make it, please contact our church manager, Warren Dutton (warren@stbarts.com.au).

Parish Council Nominations


Rather than wait until the official AGM early in 2016, it has been a tradition at St Bart's to elect new office bearers for Parish Council, Wardens, Nominators, and sometimes Synod Persons prior to the end of the current year. This enables new people to attend a meeting in December and rather than go into recess, continue to meet in January. Far too often, committees meet for a December meeting and rather than discuss business have a Christmas party. They skip January and the February meeting is involved in getting the new committee settled in. That’s the thinking behind all of this, and since St Bart's first became a parish in 2003, we have done it our way and it works well. At St Bart’s, we have elected 2 wardens with one appointed by the Priest-in-Charge. We have also found that nine Parish Councillors works well, six elected and three appointed by the PIC, though this has to be voted for at the meeting of parishioners. This year we will not need to vote for Synod Persons as they were elected for 3 years in 2013 for the 3 years to 2016. Nominators have traditionally been appointed as the wardens.

The Deferred AGM will be held on Sunday November 29, and we would like all parishioners to prayerfully consider who should be our Parish Council for 2016. This is not a role to be considered lightly as some very important decisions are made which reflect our future direction. We need to ensure we are acting as God would want us to ensure our relevance in the community.

At the same time, we need to be mindful of the calling of some to leadership positions in the various areas of ministry, and perhaps this is where some are called.

What we are asking is that every parishioner commits the next few weeks to pray for who God wants in each of these positions, and if you are nominated, to prayerfully consider what you will bring to the table. 2016 is going to be an exciting year. It’s a wonderful journey to be part of God’s Kingdom

Early Bird Special for GLS 2016


We had great feedback from the GLS conference held two weeks ago at Hume Ridge, so it has been decided once again to pre purchase 25 tickets for GLS 2016. People who attended have been recalling little things in conversations such as Albert Tate’s talk on how a little boy came to Jesus with only two fish and 5 loaves and Jesus was able to feed a multitude. It was in the telling of the story that made it so memorable and brings a smile to the face every time. His point was that whatever the bad idea is, bring it to Jesus and then get out of the way and let him do the rest. From one who has attended many of these conferences I can only say I wouldn’t miss it, as the things some of the speakers say stick to you for a very long time. Although its name Global Leadership Conference suggests it is just for leaders, it is very much a series of talks from some incredible leaders to each and every one of us.

Last year the early bird rate was $119. This year it is $99 which represents very good value. We are asking people to record their names for next year’s conference on a sheet provided in the foyer, and deposit the amount of $99 into St Bart’s account BSB 704 901  Account no 00009650. The conference is over two days – a Friday and Saturday – at a date still to be announced, but around mid-October next year.

For those who missed the 2015 conference earlier this month, the parish has purchased a DVD with all the talks. Please contact the office it you would like to borrow it.

GLS 2015


About half the attendees at this year’s Global Leadership Summit on Friday and Saturday were first timers so it was interesting to see their reaction after the first speaker, Bill Hybels, gave the traditional opening address. I think the word “Wow” comes to mind. Bill had shared a few points about what makes a great leader, starting with “Grit”. He used the time honoured story of the little train that could. You know the one that goes “I think I can, I think I can”. There were a few other points in a quite emotional address where he also shared the story of a mentor who opened the door at the crucial time and walked with him….for 40 years.

There are always high moments and other higher moments at GLS as we all watch the story of two days of the Willow Creek conference unfold.

Horst Schulze is Chairman and CEO of the Capella Hotel Group, previously known as the Ritz-Carlton Group. His ambition was to work in a hotel from childhood. Starting as a busboy in Germany he is now their top man he still gives a talk at the orientation of new employees, telling each of them they have been specially selected to do a very important job. His message on service was very clear and also one of empowerment of the most junior employee to own a customer’s problem. He said that if an employee is not there and a bed is not made it’s a disaster. If the TV didn’t work last night tell the client to have breakfast on the house and get it fixed while they are having it. On the other hand if he is not there nobody notices.

Among other notables Brian Houston from Hillsong shared some of his story and together both of them shared that when they are low, often it’s a particular song that brings them back up from the deepest lows.

So as you can see, although the GLS is for leaders to improve their skills, it’s about all of us taking note of what we can do in our daily lives to improve the way we treat each other, going out of our way to ensure we aim for excellence in everything we do. Jesus would think so too.