Middle Ridge State School Democracy BBQ and Cake Stall

Middle Ridge State School Democracy BBQ and Cake Stall

On May 18 from 8AM to 4PM, there will be a BBQ and Cake Stall at Middle Ridge School Hall to raise funds for Bev Cowie in her role as chaplain. Bev is currently looking for any helpers throughout the day and any donation of baking, clearly labelled with a list of ingredients attached, would be very gratefully received.

David Lean Reflects on 2019's World Health Day Theme

David Lean Reflects on 2019's World Health Day Theme

Originally appearing in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland’s FOCUS, David (as the family prepares to leave for PNG this week) reflects on this year’s World Health Day theme. Wonderful Gospel-hearted reflections! See the full article link at the bottom.

Launch of 2019 Mission Partners (with special insert)

Launch of 2019 Mission Partners (with special insert)

At St Bart’s, we’re incredibly privileged to work together in the Gospel with various mission partners locally, nationally, and internationally. Each year, we prayerfully select mission partners to support and be linked with. In 2019, we will be supporting five mission partners (along with a special mission grant to Hearts for Africa). Our support for each partner consists of a combination of financial resources, practical help, and regular prayer.

Card From the Pipers

Our mission liaison person with BCA, Penny Fuelling, received a card this week from the Pipers who are finishing up at Lightning Ridge at the end of the year. It is addressed to all of St Bart’s and reads:

“Thank you for your prayers and support over the years. We really appreciate your emails, letters and visits. It's been lovely to get to know you.  We will miss The Ridge in many ways. Please pray we finish well.  And we will pray for your Christmas outreach. God bless

David Joanne, Daniel, Luke, and Matthew. “

St Bart's and the Toowoomba Ride for Refugees

St Bart's and the Toowoomba Ride for Refugees

On Saturday, five of the St Bart's Cycling Group took part in the Ride for Refugees in Toowoomba. The ride (also held in Brisbane and Sydney) raises funds and awareness of projects to support refugees locally and overseas. If you would like to support the St Bart's team's efforts to raise funds, visit the team page.

Launch of our Mission Partners

Launch of our Mission Partners

It was wonderful today to launch our mission partners for 2018. As a church, we support a total of eight mission partners across a range of local, national, and international focus areas. The partners include: BCA, City Women, CMS, Hearts for Africa, the Diocese of Duk (Bishop Daniel Deng in South Sudan), the Maranoa-Warrego Anglican Mission District, Rosies, and SU Chaplaincy (supporting two chaplains). Each week we highlight one of these partners and pray for them each Sunday. For more information, including the St Bart's Liaison people and our pledged financial support, please see the mission partners page.. If you have any questions about our mission partners, please speak to the Mission Partners Coordinator, Geoff Bishop.

John Gamble's Christmas Lights

John Gamble's Christmas Lights

The 2017 “Christ be our Light” display aims to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to 1000’s of people locally, nationally and internationally. This will be achieved through the nativity, death of Christ’s, animals and garden reflecting the beauty of God’s creation, and display of a painting (this year the painting is the birth and life of Christ).

Lunch with T&J Wednesday October 25 at 12PM

Lunch with T&J Wednesday October 25 at 12PM

On Wednesday October 25 we are hosting a lunch with our link missionaries T&J at St Bart's at 12PM. As a Chuch we have been partnering in mission with T&J who have been working in South East Asia with CMS. The lunch on Wednesday will give us all the opportunity to meet T&J, hear about what God has being doing through them, and ask questions. Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch

Interview with Bishop Daniel of South Sudan

It was wonderful this morning to hear from Bishop Daniel and how God is at work through him in ministry in the Diocese of Duk (South Sudan). Daniel shares of the very real challenges that the nation is facing (and has for some time), along with the ways in which God is at work. Daniel also shared some key ways that we can uphold him in prayer. 

Late February Mitchell Trip


Marilyn and David travelled out to Mitchell on the 24 of Feb and had what we felt was a very productive visit. We did one farm visit, one hospital visit, 2 home visits and met another member of the congregation in the library. These visits where great as it was a time of getting to know some of the people and to hear their stories. Saturday morning, we gave the Mitchell church a good clean. In the afternoon we went with Steffan to Amby Church for their monthly service. Only 2 parishioners came but it was a nice service, Marilyn had her keyboard, and gave us a chance to connect with 2 other locals.

One of the ladies David had met before at a funeral in Toowoomba, it was good to reconnect with her and the other lady invited to her home after the service to show us her craft and B&B retreat. An amazing enterprise out in the country.

Sunday we went to the Mitchell service and connected with a couple of others in the congregation including a young couple originally from Toowoomba, turns out we know the young man’s father quite well, a small world.

David assisted Steffan with the Cup during the Eucharist at both these services.

Steffan would appreciate if we could go out sometimes when he is not there to do the Morning prayer service, the lady who does them at present is 80 and getting frail. We hope to go in May while Steffan is away at his wedding in Switzerland.

After the service on Sunday we left to go to visit grandchildren in Augathella, another great thing to do.

Marilyn and David Johnstone

Every Ministry Matters Sunday


January 22 is Every Ministry Matters Sunday. This event will be a great opportunity for people to learn more about what is going on at St Bart's and how they can get involved and serve. There will be stalls run by various ministries such Mainly Music, Coffee Ministry, St Bart's Care, Gardening, Kid's Church, and many more. We hope that as we grow as a church we can build these ministries up and get more volunteers involved, in order to share the love of God with our city and help more people! Be sure to check out the various stalls after each of our morning services.

Mission Partner Launch


It was so wonderful this morning to launch our Mission Partners at our 7.30AM and 9.30AM services. Our Mission Partners for 2017 (and their respective St Bart's liaisons) are: Bush Church Aid sharing the gospel in regional Australia, particularly through the Piper family in Lightning Ridge - Penny Fuelling

City Women empowering women and girls and making our City a better place - Kay Twidale

CMS supporting Christian missionaries worldwide particularly the ministry of T&J in South East Asia  - Richard Hargreaves

Western Parish supporting Steffan Van Munster and the people of Western Queensland  - David Johnstone

Hearts for Africa supporting the Reverened John Naumann and his work in Swaziland- Barry Stone

Rosies supporting street vans and ministry to marginalised people in Toowoomba - Vince Little

SU Chaplain Gabbinbar supporting Melinda Janetzki at Gabbinbar State School - Stephen Urmston

SU Chaplain Middle Ridge supporting Jason Attwood at Centenary Heights High School - Joy Wright

In the coming weeks we will be posting more information about our Mission Partners.

For more information on our Mission Partners please visit: http://stbarts.com.au/ministries/mission-partners/

Prayer and Evangelism Group at 7.30AM


If you are part of the 7.30AM congregation and would like to join a group who meet to pray each month and think about how we proclaim the Gospel more, please contact Adam (adam@stbarts.com.au). Our first meeting will be in the coming weeks.

Beanies for Mission to Seafarers

It was wonderful this morning to send another batch of 330(!) beanies off to the Mission for Seafarers. Each of these beanies is lovingly made and then sent down to the port of Brisbane to be an encouraging blessing to seafarers. Thank you to Elizabeth Dutton and the amazing team for the incredible effort. We pray that these will be of great encouragement to those who receive them.

Next Sunday: Invite a Friend to Church and Picnic


Next Sunday (October 23), we will be helping to kick off family week with a focus on what it means to be part of God’s family. This year’s theme is the same as last year’s (“Come to the Table”), so after the services, we’ll meet at Picnic Point at Heller Street Park (around 11.45AM) for lunch. Please bring along your own picnic rug and food. We’ll also have the BBQ’s fired up in case you would like to bring your own meat. We hope that many people, of all ages, will be able to come along and share this time together. This will be a fantastic day to invite a friend to church and lunch. If you’ve never invited someone before, then this is your perfect opportunity! Pick up a flyer and please join us for this great celebration.

Toowoomba Walk Together (October 22)


On Saturday 22, the Toowoomba Walk Together will start at Civic Square (151-155 Herries Street, behind the library). The walk celebrates the diversity of people that make up Australia and is a wonderful opportunity to help create a welcoming city. There will be a small group from St Bart's going to the walk and you would be very welcome to join them. They will meet at 10.30AM outside of the main entrance of the library. For more information, contact the church office.

Visit from Mission Partners, the Piper Family


Next Sunday we will be visited by the Piper Family who serve as BCA missionaries at Lightning Ridge. It will be fantastic to hear of all that the Lord is doing through them at both of our morning services. If you're interested in hearing more and chatting with the Pipers, there will be a gathering at the home of Penny and Trevor Fuelling at 5PM on Sunday (October 9). Their address is: 49 Parsons Street, Rangeville. If you would like to come along, please bring along a plate to share and let Penny know (07 4635 0516).