Commissioning of Staff Team

Commissioning of Staff Team

It was with great joy that we commissioned our staff team at both of our morning services (along with praying for them at the 6PM service). Please pray for all of our team (you can read about them here) as they seek to serve God with their lives at St Bart’s and on all of their front lines.

Annual Meeting: Election of Office Bearers Results

Annual Meeting: Election of Office Bearers Results

Congratulations to those elected today to various roles within the life of our Parish Council (the governing body of St Bart’s). Please pray for John Strachan and Jeremy Freyburg elected to Churchwardens. Please also pray for those elected as nominators (i.e., Trish Rathie, Warren Dutton, and Dennis Gamble) and parish councillors (i.e., Wendy Brodribb, David Cowie, Warren Dutton, Sheila Forknall, Dennis Gamble, Geoff Handley, Hannah Mason, Amy Norman, Jesse Paroz, Trish Rathie, Graeme Thomas, Kate Venables, Rebecca Vonhoff).

Wrap-Up of BST Mission Week @ St Bart's

Wrap-Up of BST Mission Week @ St Bart's

It really has been a profound joy to welcome eleven students and a faculty member from the Brisbane School of Theology to St Bart's for their mission week over the last 8 days. Over the course of the week, they have been of great encouragement to so many, sacrificially generous in their service, and faithful witnesses of the Gospel. This morning when thanking them, I summed up some of what they have been doing like this:

Congratulations to Michael Calder

With great thanks to God, our ministry intern - Michael Calder - celebrated his graduation on Thursday night with an Associate Degree in Theology from QTC. Michael, currently in his second year of formation, is continuing to now study through St Francis College as he trains for (and in the hope of) ordained ministry. Please give thanks to God and continue to pray for him as he studies.

Commissioning of Children, Youth, and Families Teams

Commissioning of Children, Youth, and Families Teams

With great thanks to God it was wonderful to commission the children, youth, and families teams. This team includes a total of 100 people serving across St Bart’s Kids on a Sunday morning (Parent’s Room, Crèche, Kids’ Talk, and Sunday School), the CHARGE High School Discussion Group on Sundays, mainly music, Kids Club, the CHARGE Bible Study (on Tuesdays), and the CHARGE Youth Group (Fridays)! It also includes the baptism, RI, and the ‘expecting families’ ministries. This is a phenomenal team who serve God so generously in order to help young people come to know and grow in their knowledge of Jesus. Please continue to uphold them in prayer and encourage them as they seek to serve.

YouthWorks Conference

On Thursday February 1, Amy and myself had the opportunity to travel to Sydney and attend a new Children’s and Youth workshop hosted by Youthworks. The day provided a number of opportunities to reflect on our current model of Children’s Ministry at St Bart’s and explore new ways of discipling children, training leaders, and equipping families in their walk with Christ. We came away feeling very encouraged and equally enthused with a clear vision for St Bart’s Kids in 2018. We look forward to working with those involved in our different teams to continue to provide amazing programs that point our children to know and love Jesus.

2018: A Year of Next Steps

2018: A Year of Next Steps

I’m really excited that 2018 will be a year of ‘Next Steps’ for St Bart’s. With 2017 having been a really significant year (with the building being completed and so much more), we’re hoping and praying that we will all – as individuals and as a church – press further into our mission to make and mature disciples by seeking to take a next step in prayer, growth, evangelism, and serving

Reminder: Ordination Next Saturday

Next Saturday, with great thank to God, it will be wonderful to witness David and Zoë Browne being ordained (Priest and Deacon respectively). If you would like to come along to the ordination service, it will take place at St John's Cathedral in Brisbane at 10AM. Please be praying for David and Zoë as they go into retreat on Wednesday.

Deferred AGM - Election of Office Bearers


In just two weeks, we will have our deferred AGM.  The regulations say that we must have an election of office bearers by a certain time in the New Year. However, for some very good reasons and particularly so we have the new parish council in place by January 1st 2017, we will have the election on the last Sunday of November. Then in February next year we will deal with the other matters relating to the year that has just gone with all the various reports. So on Sunday 27th November we need to have received all the nominations for parish Council, Wardens, Nominators, and Synod Representatives. We like to have them in by the week before.

Generally speaking, we have 3 wardens and 3 Parish Nominators and the Parish Council will need to have a multiple of 3 in its formation. This is because two-thirds of the Parish Council is elected and the other third appointed by the Parish Priest-in-Charge, Adam.

A number of parish councillors and wardens are stepping down, so we asking the congregation to prayerfully consider who you would like to have in that role. Parish Council will be meeting on the third Monday of each month in 2017, a change from previous years. Generally reports from wardens, treasurer and others are tabled after distribution the previous week, so matters can be reviewed expeditiously. That allows time for the PC to review plans for the months and in some cases years ahead. So effectively it is a committee of review but importantly to preposition the parish for a future time.

Nomination Forms are available in the foyer and you must be a member of St Barts to be an elector or office bearer. If you are not on the parish Roll you are not a member and cannot vote, so here’s your opportunity to fill our membership form.

Please prayerfully consider whether you would like to fill one of those roles, or know just the person who would be just right in that position.

Training Day Thanks and Resources


Thank you to everyone who made our Training Day possible. It was a really fantastic day and it came together brilliantly thanks to the team under Trish's leadership. A special thanks to our presenters who gave so generously of their gifts and time - especially Tracy Lauersen, Michael Calder, Cameron Fletcher, and Stephen Urmston. Many of the resources are now available from the day on our website, including those listed below.

Keynote: Capital D Discipleship by Tracy Lauersen (St Hilary's Network)

[audio mp3="http://stbarts.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/21-5-16-Training-Day-Keynote-Talk-Only.mp3"][/audio]

Leading Smaller Teams by Tracy Lauersen (St Hilary's Network)

Adventures in Sharing Your Faith by Cameron Fletcher (Power to Change)


Introduction to Small Groups by Adam Lowe (St Bart's Anglican Church)

Register for our Parish Training Day May 21 (this Saturday!)


Time is running out to register for our Training Day this coming Saturday! You’re invited to join us for a great day of learning, growing, and fellowship. The day, starting at 9.00AM and finishing by 3.30PM, has been designed for people of all ages with a range of options. We’ll start the day with a fantastic session by the Rev’d Tracy Lauersen, followed by a range of electives to choose from. Cost per adult is only $20 and $15 for concessions (including lunch). Book via the Training Day page, or download the Training Day Brochure and return the forms to the church office (103 Stenner Street, Rangeville, 4350).

Reflections from the Leadership Retreat


Dennis Gamble put together some wonderful reflections from our leadership retreat and I thought it would be great to share them here. First, some aspects which were of great encoruagement:

  • Reflected on the the characteristics of Christian leadership, and the need to encourage and fan into flame the God given gifts of each person.
  • Increased appreciation that we need to be more and more like Christ, and always keep focused on Christ in everything we do as leaders.
  • Being blown away on Saturday morning, waking up to an envelope full of encouragement letters about our leadership qualities/potential in St Bart’s
  • Enjoyed rich fellowship between each other over the meal table, over morning and afternoon tea, and working and sharing together in small groups. Enjoyed the conversations and getting to know and be encouraged by each other’s walk with God.

Gave us insights in how God made and shaped each of us, the differences between us, and our need to appreciate and encourage each other with the love of Christ. These insights came from undertaking a leadership style survey, explanations from Adam, and sharing and mapping the results. This process helped us:

  • Understand our personal leadership styles and our strength and weaknesses,
  • Share our differences leadership styles and gain a better appreciation of each other,
  • Share and discuss the strengths of each other’s leadership style and value differences,
  • Appreciate the missing leadership styles in the group,
  • Appreciate the need for leaders to have the flexibility to work within other leadership styles that best suites the role they have, or task at hand,
  • The need to value, appreciate, love, and pray for each other as leaders,
  • Spending a quiet hour developing our 2016 Leadership Personal Development Plan and sharing the plans in small groups and praying for each other and their plans.

At St Bart’s over a beautiful meal we were inspired by an amazing guest speaker, Ruth Limkin, speaking on her experiences in partnership with God’s Spirit as He opened many different doors for her, her desire was always to bear His Kingdom into this world. She kept listening to God’s whisper and always said yes to the Lord and figured out what to do later. She trusted in Him to equip her with whatever she needed. She was aware that God took pleasure in His relationship with her and that He was recalibrating her life to step into each new situation. Her characteristics of Christian leadership also included: obedience, keep plodding, learn to forgive, always worship the Lord in the midst of it all, keep loving, act on concerns, and appreciate that out of the challenges come highlights. She learned that His love for and her identity IN Christ always triumphed over her fears and insecurity.

Great Leadership Retreat


A total of 32 leaders were part of our leadership retreat from Friday to Saturday night. Over the course of the retreat, we spent time reflecting on the Christian characteristics of being a leader, the strengths that God has given us, and also growing in our understanding of other people's gifts. We also had some silent time to seek out how God is calling us to grow in him and use our gifts for the coming year. On Saturday night we shared a wonderful dinner (thank you to the team who made it possible!) and were greatly encouraged by our guest speaker, Ruth Limkin. There were so many moments of encouragement over the weekend, especially the privilege of praying together and witnessing how God is at work in each other's lives. Thank you to everyone who upheld this group in prayer! Please keep praying for our leaders, teams, and every single member of St Bart's - that we might keep growing in our desire to see disciples made and matured.