Lenten Study (Truth & Glory: The Gospel of John) Guide Pre-Orders

Commencing on Sunday, February 4, we will be commencing a new series - Truth and Glory - exploring the final stories of Jesus in John's Gospel. This will be an amazing opportunity to look more closely at the truth of who Jesus is, the purpose of our lives, and the glory of Christ's death and resurrection. We'll begin in chapter 11 and then move through the second half of John in the lead up to (and slightly beyond) Easter.

To help us dig deeper into John, we're producing a Lenten Study Guide. Lent is a forty day period (not including Sundays) in the lead up to Easter that has traditionally been a time in which Christians have taken the opportunity to reflect more deeply in order to prepare to celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection. To help us do that well, we're producing a study guide with a daily Bible reading, a short reflection, some questions, and a prayer. Each week also features a creative family devotional. If you would like to pre-order a copy of the study guide, there are three options:

  • Study Guide Printed Copy ($10 each): This includes a reflection, questions, and a prayer for each day in Lent. The readings will move through the second half of John's Gospel.
  • Study Guide Electronic Copy (free): This includes a PDF download of the study guide. We'll email you a link when it is available. SOLD OUT
  • Family Resource Kit ($30 per kit): This includes a copy of the study guide + all of the materials you need for the family devotional (hopefully this will make it easy to do the weekly devotional with your family). SOLD OUT

Please note that pre-ordering has now closed. Some printed copies will be available this Sunday, else please visit the website to download an electronic version.