Announcing 'Come to my Party' - Children's Day

"Come to my party" is a day for primary-aged children looking at a story about a great party that Jesus talked about. This event is fully catered, and includes morning tea and lunch. Come for a day of fun, activities, music and games. What else do you do on a pupil free day? Party time!

We have a children's day coming up on the 17th of October!

'Isn't that in the middle of school term?' Yes. But it's a state pupil free day! Many schools will have this day off. So, we thought it would be a great day for a children's day. This day is called 'Come to my Party' Come to my Party goes from 9am - 3pm, and is for primary school aged children. It's only $10 for the day, and this includes both morning tea and lunch!

There will be music, games, activities and craft, as well as bible stories as we look at one particular story that Jesus told about a great party! This day looks to be a lot of fun!

If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer on the day, please contact Stephen, our Children and Families Minister.

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Key Information

  • WHAT IS IT? A fun day for primary aged children at St Bart’s Anglican Church.
  • WHEN IS IT ON? October 17 is a PUPIL FREE DAY for many schools. On this day, we will run Come to my party. Come to my party will start at 9am (with checkin from 8:30am), and will conclude at 3pm.
  • COST: $10 per child with morning tea and lunch included!
  • WHAT HAPPENS ON THE DAY? At Come to my Party there are games, stories, activities, music and craft. During the day we will hear about a story that Jesus told. Jesus tells the story of a Party and he talks about people who were invited.
  • IS IT CATERED? Yes. The $10 includes both morning tea and lunch. If there are dietary requirements, you can list them on the registration form.

I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS… If you contact Stephen with any questions, he will happy answer them. Click here to contact him.


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Talking Together, Exodus Series, Week 8

This week is a hard week, because we are thinking about the times when we put God second. In Exodus 32, we see the Israelites make a poor decision, as Moses as been away for a while, they decide to make a new God. They put God second to something else.

Click here to download the PDF.

Talking together is a weekly resource, designed for families or groups with younger people. It uses the teaching passage that was used in the sermon and in Sunday School, and present a few questions to get into the passage. 

Talking Together, Exodus Series, Week 7

This week, the key word is Tabernacle which means dwelling or living with. You can read the instructions of the tabernacle here in Exodus 26. Moses is given instructions on how to build the Holy Tent. This is known as the tabernacle. This week, we are looking at what this means, and why it was important that God was with his people. Download the PDF here.

For the 'Building the Tabernacle' activity, click here

This activity was sourced from

Talking together is a weekly resourced, designed to help families and small groups get into the teaching material that was taught on Sunday. 

For any questions, contact Stephen

Crèche Team Gathering! August 28, 11:15am

We have a wonderful team that comes together each week to help teach and care for our under 3 year olds in our congregation. If you are if you are part of the creche team, or are curious about helping on the creche team, please come along after church on August 28 at 11:15AM. We will be praying for the team, talking about what it means to help our young children, and celebrating great stories that have happened.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sunday School Team Gathering: September 4, 11:15am

Every week a team comes together to teach the children the same passage that the adults look at in the sermon. Every week this is prepared by the team in a way that makes it easy to understand for those age 3 through to children in grade 6. On September 4, the team will be gathering together to share celebration stories, thank God for how the ministry has grown, and spend time in prayer as we look to the term and the year ahead.

If you have thought about serving in Sunday school, but unsure as to what it looks like, this would be a great time to come to, as we will be also talking about what it means to serve at Sunday school. 

It's a short meeting, only 45 mins, so will be over by 12pm.

See you there!