Public Lecture + Teaching Day (REGISTER ONLINE)

I am delighted that we will be welcoming the Rev’d Dr Rory Shiner for our public lecture and teaching day at St Bart’s. Last year, we welcomed around 500 people to our public lecture (with around 50% from outside of our church). Please be praying that this year’s public lecture will also be a great opportunity to engage people to explore Christianity. It’s never too early to invite some friends along.

  • Public Lecture: Friday August 2 (7-8.30PM). With the topic, “Losing My Religion: Has Australia Lost God and Would it Matter if we Did?”.

  • Teaching Day: Saturday August 3 (9AM-1.30PM).Ministry and Mission in our Secular Age: How to Win and Ground Disciples of Jesus in this Cultural Moment.

Bookings are now open on our website. Cost is $5 for the public lecture and $25/35 for the teaching day (with morning tea and lunch provided). Rory has also published two books: “Raised Forever” (about the implications of Jesus’ resurrection) and “One Forever” (about the transforming power of being in Christ). These are available to purchase when you book tickets on our website.