Two Employment Opportunities at St Bart’s

We have an incredible ministry and admin team at St Bart’s, and we’re currently inviting applicants for two roles to join the team. The first role, Assistant Minister, will be to replace David Browne as he leaves to take up leadership of Dalby Anglican in late June. The second role, Music and Communications Intern/Minister, will be to replace Michael’s role as (God willing) he will be ordained in early December and take up a position as Assistant Curate at a place determined by the Archbishop. Whilst the role of Assistant Minister will be available from July, the Music and Communications role will be available from September (we have budgeted for an overlap of up to three months with Michael).

Please be praying that God will raise up the people he desires for this role and that those involved in selection will be full of God’s wisdom. Please also promote these roles by directing people to the ‘employment opportunities’ page on our website.