Being Prepared to Give an Answer

As we looked at the amazing encounter between the Ethiopian and the eunuch in Acts 8 last week, we were challenged to be prepared to be able to give an answer for the hope that we have, in the great hope that we too will be asked questions about what we believe. Being ‘prepared’ can seem intimidating, but here are four simple ideas to get started.

  • Join a Small Group. Small Groups are an excellent way to help us become more articulate in expressing what we believe. This is largely because we get to know God’s Word better (by discussing it), practice sharing what we believe, and also pray for opportunities on our front lines every week. Find out more.

  • Read “A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus”. This short book by John Dickson is a very accessible and helpful way to deepen our understanding of Jesus. You might also find “A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus” (also by John) helpful.

  • Purchase and read some of the “Questions Christians Ask Series” in our library. We have an excellent range of very short books on a range of common questions (e.g., the reliability of the Bible, the problem of evil). $10 each.

  • Pray. Above all, pray that God will be preparing you, in the power of his Spirit, to be able to share your faith in everyday opportunities. You might also like to ask someone for help.