Ridley Certificate Starts back this week

The Ridley Certificate is back this term with Talking About Ethics starting Tuesday February 5 at 7:30PM at St Bart’s. We are really excited to offer the Ridley Certificate unit ‘Talking About Ethics’ this term over the course of six weeks beginning Tuesday night. The Ridley Certificate is a course designed to deepen your faith, equip you to serve, and to learn how to think biblically. Christians can sometimes find it difficult to know how to have good discussions about ethical issues. How can we listen well to people with whom we might disagree, while still taking opportunities to speak faithfully and clearly about what we believe? Associate Professor Justin Denholm presents ways to fill your ‘ethical toolbox’ with skills that will enable better conversations in all areas of life. Click here for more information.

Once you have enrolled please inform the office of your enrolment on (office@stbarts.com.au).

For more information please contact the church office on (office@stbarts.com.au) or phone (4636 2922).