What's Coming Up @ St Bart's in 2019?

In addition to our theme of Disciple Makers this year (you can read all about it here) and our 2019 calendar, we’ve got some exciting things in store in 2019.

Resource Church Pilot Project in 2019

Together with the Parish Council, we’re excited that St Bart’s will play a key role in the implementation of the Diocesan Parish Growth Framework in 2019. Over the last two years, there has been a concerted effort as the diocese seeks to establish a framework to enable churches to grow. As part of this, St Bart’s will be part of a pilot project as a ‘Resource Church’. The idea of a Resource Church (a model currently being utilised in the UK to great success) is that healthy churches with a missional heart, would seek - in partnership with their regional bishop - to share where practical: 

  • Resources: for example, sharing materials that we have developed for our Sunday school or care system; 

  • Events: for example, being invitational to other churches who might benefit from days such as our training days. We’ll also be hosting the Western Region Ministry Conference again this August, and also in partnership with Bishop Cameron, a Dinka Ministry Conference in June. We also love to share our facilities with others for ministry training.

  • Specialist Skills: For example, our children and/or youth ministers helping to mentor other children and youth ministers in our region. Or, sharing with our visioning processes with other churches. Both of these have already been happening in various ways. 

  • Parish Growth Framework: Adam will continue to work with the Diocese in helping to use growth/decline statistics in a strategic way as part of a new Diocesan strategy to help enable growth for the Kingdom. 

It is not envisaged that this role would be onerous (it is in many ways a continuation of what has already been happening), but an exciting Gospel opportunity that we will also receive some resourcing for. As a result, Amy and Suzie will both be expanding their time each week at St Bart’s. It is also exciting that Belinda Macarthur (from the Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission) will be assisting us as a Resource Church.

Staffing in 2019

With the beginning of the new year, there will be some incremental changes in staffing. 

  • Amy Norman will be expanding her role, finishing as an intern and commencing as a Lay Minister (Discipleship) two days per week. She will be continuing to work one day per week with Bettrys in discipling children (especially through St Bart’s Kids on Sundays) and an additional day in helping to lead the implementation of our theme for the year. 

  • Suzie Ross (Pastoral Care Coordinator) will be increasing to two days per week as we continue to resource and enable St Bart’s Care. St Bart’s Care has really been developing and growing over the last year, so it is very exciting to see Suzie increasing her time at St Bart’s. She will also have some involvement with some aged care services.

  • Matthew Skelton will be joining the St Bart’s team in 2019 as an intern. Complementary to our new role as a ‘Resource Church’, this role will be funded by the PMC and completely focus on carrying out research for the Executive Director of the PMC, Stephen Harrison. Matthew will continue to be placed at St Bart’s as he continues to train for ministry. 

  • Belinda Macarthur will be working two days per week on the Resource Church Project and the implementation of a key part of the Parish Growth Framework. As part of this, Belinda will visit St Bart’s once per month and for some key ‘Resource Church’ events. Belinda is the Administrator of the PMC and is not only incredibly gifted and conscientious, but has an amazing Gospel heart. You will see her around at St Bart’s from time-to-time. 

Preaching in 2019


  • A Year of Disciple Makers (January 6 - January 20)

  • The Book of Acts (Part 1, Chapters 1-9) (January 27 - April 21) [With Study Guide]


  • 1 Samuel: In Search of a King (April 28 - June 23)

  • Winter Warmers (June 30 - July 14)


  • Discipleship Lessons from Luke (July 21 - September 15)


  • Hebrews (September 22 - November 24)

  • Luke 1-2: The Advent of Jesus (December 1 - December 29)

Highlighted Events

Be sure to pick up a copy of our 2019 Calendar! But here are a few events that we’d love to highlight.

  • April 28 (and December 1) Baptism Sundays: In 2019, we’ll once again have two Sundays focusing on baptising adults who have not been previously baptised. If you – or anyone you know – would be interested in making this public declaration of faith, please speak to me so that we can be in contact for preparation.

  • May 31-June 2 Church Holiday: Whilst we didn’t have a church camp last year, we’re excited to be planning a weekend away in 2019 for earlier in the year (which – with feedback – we’re hoping is better timing). We’ll be focusing on discipleship and be shifting the weekend to the Sunshine Coast so that it will also be an opportunity for people to have a break. More info will be available very soon.

  • June 21 & 22 Dinka Ministry Conference: I am very excited that we will be hosting a special conference this year with Bishop Cameron seeking to help enable and equip our brothers and sisters in the South Sudanese community from the Western region. 

  • August 2 & 3 Public Lecture and Teaching Day: This year we will welcome Dr Rory Shiner for our Annual Public Lecture and Teaching Day. This will be an event not to be missed, as Rory speaks on topics related to secularism in Australia. These will be a terrific pair of events from one of the best preachers and teachers in Australia.

  • August 24-September 1: BST Mission Exposure Week: I’m delighted that we will be welcoming a cohort again to St Bart’s in 2019 for a mission exposure week. The students will be involved in a range of ways and will be billeted by us. More information to come soon.

  • September 30-October 4: Holiday Kids Club: On the back of a very successful ‘Egyptian Adventures’ Holiday Kids Club in 2018, St Bart’s Kids will be hosting another holiday kids club in 2019. The theme will be ‘Follow the Clues’. 

Please give thanks to God for the many Gospel opportunities that he has given to us. Please also continue to commit our plans to God, that our plans would always come into line with his will and his ways. In Gospel Partnership, Adam.