Launch of 2019 Mission Partners (with special insert)

At St Bart’s, we’re incredibly privileged to work together in the Gospel with various mission partners locally, nationally, and internationally. Each year, we prayerfully select mission partners to support and be linked with. In 2019, we will be supporting five mission partners (along with a special mission grant to Hearts for Africa). Our support for each partner consists of a combination of financial resources, practical help, and regular prayer.

In 2019, we’re delighted to be welcoming a new Mission Partner, the Lean Family, along with extending our support for SU with the introduction of an additional chaplain (i.e., Middle Ridge State School). Whilst Rosies and City Women will not be mission partners in 2019, many of our members will still support them directly. Similarly, the Maranoa-Warrego Anglican Mission District has not been included as a mission partner this year, as we will instead be seeking to support them practically as a resource church in the Western Region. We also are excited to hear from BCA and CMS regarding who will be our link missionaries for these organisations in 2019. 

Download the special Mission Partner Insert