Acts of Kindness Packs for Families

In two weeks (on Sunday, June 24), we will starting a new 'Winter Warmer' series exploring four of the fruit of the Spirit (kindness, peace, patience, self-control). As we explore these fruit, we're hoping that we can also practice demonstrating them in our city. In fact, in July, we're hoping that together as a church, that we'll be able to show 1000 acts of kindness! We'll have more to share on that soon, but to help families get into spiritual fruitfulness, St Bart's Kids have produced a pack (30 cards in each) of 'Acts of Kindness Packs'. Each pack has 30 different ways to demonstrate kindness (along with a Bible verse to go along with it). As a family, you might like to try a different one each day in July. We only have a limited number of packs, so if you would like to order one ($5 per pack), please do so via our website.