Visit with Steffan and Eliane van Munster, Maranoa Warrego Anglican District

Geoff and Jackie Bishop and Trevor and Penny Fuelling have just spent 2 weeks with Steffan and Elianne at Cunnamulla, one of the centres of their far-flung ministry.  

"All 6 of us lived in the old rectory while we renovated the kitchen and bathroom and cleaned down and painted some of the walls. This was work that Steffan had prioritised and made the Rectory more liveable.  It was quite challenging at times, but very satisfying.  We were also able to visit Thargomindah, some 2 hours west of Cunnamulla, and one of Steffan’s more outlying centres. We came away with a greater appreciation of the challenges of Steffan’s ministry over such a wide area with so many hours of travel involved and living in 3 different houses. They really value the prayers of St Barts for endurance as they minister."