Prayer @ St Bart's

As we all seek to take a ‘next step’ in prayer this year, these are many great opportunities to pray and be prayed for at St Bart's.

Tuesday Prayer Group (11.30AM): Each Tuesday at 9.30 some faithful prayers meet to pray for whatever issues are on their hearts. This is a lively time of prayer and anyone is invited to join the group.

Weekdays (except Thursday) at 7.30AM: A small group of people meet to pray for the life and members of our church. It is a very relaxed time and anyone is welcome to join. 

Wednesday 4-5PM: This is a specific time in which people will be able to pray with and for you. If you have a prayer need or something challenging happening in your life, this is a wonderful opportunity to be supported in prayer. This group meets in the prayer room.

Thursday Lord’s Supper (7.00AM): We meet weekly to read and discuss the Scriptures, share in the Lord’s Supper, and pray together. Finishes by 8AM.

Saturdays at 7AM: Each Saturday a small group of people gather to share in a service of morning prayer. There is an opportunity for prayer, particularly for our church.

Sunday after Service Prayer:  If you would like prayer for absolutely anything, there is opportunity after each of our regular Sunday morning services at the back of the church. One of our prayer team (who wear prayer lanyards) would be delighted to pray with and for you.

Prayer Chain: If you have an urgent prayer request, you can send a request via our prayer chain