Looking for new CRI volunteers in 2019

With a new year starting we are looking for more volunteers for Christian Religious Instruction(CRI).

CRI lessons happen in state schools right across Australia and provide students with the opportunity to learn about Jesus. CRI lessons in Queensland are run by volunteers who teach curriculum approved by the State Government and helps students to read the Bible and understand the basics of Christianity.

At St Bart’s we’re looking for more volunteers to help with CRI lessons at Middle Ridge State School which take place each Monday between 2-3PM. Lessons last 30 minutes and CRI volunteers have a classroom teacher in the room for support. Volunteers are given training, teaching materials for each lesson, and a full orientation of the school before starting. CRI is a wonderful way to build your faith and gives you the opportunity to share your faith and reasons for hope with students who aren’t part of a church community. If you would like to become a St Bart’s CRI volunteer please speak to David Browne or contact the Office on 4636 2922 / office@stbarts.com.au