Annual Meeting: Election of Office Bearers Results

Congratulations to those elected today to various roles within the life of our Parish Council (the governing body of St Bart’s). Please pray for John Strachan and Jeremy Freyburg elected as Churchwardens. Please also pray for those elected as nominators (i.e., Trish Rathie, Warren Dutton, and Dennis Gamble) and parish councillors (i.e., Wendy Brodribb, David Cowie, Warren Dutton, Sheila Forknall, Dennis Gamble, Geoff Handley, Hannah Mason, Amy Norman, Jesse Paroz, Trish Rathie, Graeme Thomas, Kate Venables, Rebecca Vonhoff).

Sincere thank you to Dennis Gamble and Wendy Swanson who will finish serving as churchwardens at the end of 2018. Dennis has served for 8 years, Wendy for 5 years, and have both been incredibly faithful and wise in their service. Please give thanks to God for them, and continue to pray for them as they serve God in different roles.