Launch of our Theme for 2018: A Year of Next Steps

I’m really excited that 2018 will be a year of ‘Next Steps’ for St Bart’s. With 2017 having been a really significant year (with the building being completed and so much more), we’re hoping and praying that we will all – as individuals and as a church – press further into our mission to make and mature disciples by seeking to take a next step in prayer, growth, evangelism, and serving. Starting TODAY, we will be highlighting a range of ways that every person can take a ‘next step’.

To get involved, here are a few things that you can do:

  1. Pick up or Download a Copy of the NEXT STEPS DEVOTIONAL. Take a copy home today and use it over the next four weeks. You can also download it from our website.
  2. Pick up or Download the NEXT STEPS PLANNER. Use this to write down your ‘next step’ for each area. Download it from our website.
  3. #3 Look at the NEXT STEPS WALL. Each week we will be adding a panel to the wall to cover each of our four areas. Some of these ‘next steps’ are one-offs (i.e., something to be done once), some are seasonal (e.g., just for Easter), and others are be for the entire year (e.g., reading a chapter of the Bible each day). Have a look and think – today – about what could be a NEXT STEP IN PRAYER for you.
  4. Listen and Read the SERMON RESOURCES. If you miss a sermon from the series, these will be on our website each Sunday (access here). You can also access other resources linked to the topic (these are in the same PDF file as the sermon transcript on the website). There are a limited number of printed copies available today as well.
  5. Pray! Please pray that this will be a great theme that will help us serve God in the making and maturing of disciples.