Ideas for Next Steps in Serving

Today we shared some ideas for some 'next steps' in serving. In 2018, we would love everyone to take one step forward in knowing, developing, and using our God-given gifts and resources for God’s purposes in the world. This could involve praying intentionally before you serve, learning more about your gifts, encouraging others to use their gifts, or using your gifts more effectively. Read some ideas below or check out the ‘next steps wall’ at church. Of course your next steps don't need to be limited to these, but are some great ideas to get started.

  • Look for areas in need and serve there
  • Say thank you to someone who has served
  • Volunteer to serve as a welcomer this term
  • Pray intentionally before serving
  • Encourage my team leader
  • Be reliable and committed, to serving
  • Log into Elvanto
  • Cook a meal for charge
  • Serve at kids club this term
  • Encourage my team leader
  • More clearly discern my gifts
  • Find out someone’s need after a service and follow through
  • Visit a missionary this year