Ideas for Next Steps in Growth

Today we shared some ideas for some 'next steps' in growth. In 2018, we would love everyone to take one step forward in sharing the Good News of Jesus. This next step could involve reading the Bible daily, signing up for the Ridley Certificate, or attending a training day. Read some ideas below or check out the ‘next steps wall’ at church. Of course your next steps don't need to be limited to these, but are some great ideas to get started.

  • Daily read a chapter of the Bible (or more or less!)

  • Use a daily devotional

  • Join a Small Group

  • Sign-up for the Ridley Certificate

  • Do a study on a topic

  • Attend our Church training days

  • Encourage people to use the Church library

  • Invite someone to Small Group who doesn’t go

  • Say the Apostles’ Creed daily