Your 'Tough Questions' Are In!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been asking for people’s ‘tough questions’. There’s been some great questions and we feel so privileged to have received them. If you asked for a personal response, we’ll be in contact in the coming weeks (thanks for your patience!).

After looking at all of the questions, we’ve narrowed the most common ones down to two topics that we’ll explore over the next two Sundays.

TOPIC #1 (SEPTEMBER 24): “The World As It Is and the World as It Will Be”.
This gathers a range of questions, like “Why is there suffering in the world?”, “What happens when we die?”, “Why do children get cancer?”, “Why doesn’t God intervene?”, and “When will Jesus return?”.

TOPIC #2 (OCTOBER 1): “The Question of Marriage”.
This was our most popular topic, with questions about “How do we respond in political debate?”, “What is God’s opinion of homosexuality”, and “What is a biblical view of marriage?”. This is a big and important question for our nation right now, so I look forward to speaking on it.

Please come along, especially bringing some friends, so that we can lovingly explore these vital topics together.

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