Prayer on Wednesdays at 4PM

Over the last few years, the prayer and healing service has been an important opportunity for people to be prayed for and bring real needs before God with others. As we’ve launched an evening service and had more opportunities for after- service-prayer (which has been very well used), it seems that fewer people have been coming along to the monthly 4PM service. As Marilyn and David have chatted to me (and others) about this, we don’t think this reflects a lack of need for this type of prayer, but more an opportunity to provide this type of ministry at a different time with a more regular rhythm. Part of the weakness of having a monthly service, has been that sometimes the need passes (or seems less ‘top of mind’) by the time the healing service comes around each month.

Therefore, in response to this, a team of prayers will be instead offering confidential prayer every Wednesday at 4PM in the prayer room at church. We’d also like to offer prayer by appointment.

The vision is that the prayer room at St Bart’s will be available each week from 4- 5PM and people needing prayer for anything at all (e.g., healing, family issues, faith issues) can come along and be prayed with. We will have two members of the prayer team present each week. In conjunction with this prayer time we also would like to offer prayer by appointment, where someone who can’t make the 4PM time would be able to book a time and a pair from the team would meet to pray with them.

I think that this is a wonderful initiative that will help us as we continue to ensure that prayer is right at the heart of who we are. Please be praying for David and Marilyn as they lead this ministry. If you are interested in being on team, please have a chat to David or Marilyn.