Teaching Day 2017

Our Teaching Day this year focussed on Apologetics and was lead by Rian Roux. All up over 60 people came together for a day of learning and growth. Having recently returned from training at The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Rian shared a great deal of insight about how to effectively share the hope we have in the gospel with those around us. In three informative and interesting sessions Rian inspired everyone who came to understand the 'why' behind their faith, convey that Jesus is our hope, and realise how easy it is to just go for it!
The talks from the day can be found at: https://stbarts.com.au/training-resources/2017/8/21/apologetics-building-faith-sharing-faith
Many thanks must go to all our volunteers who made the day run so smoothly.