Mathew Hale Public Library Event on 'Engaging Positively with Contemporary Culture'

On Thursday, August 13 (9AM - 1PM), the Mathew Hale Public Library will be hosting an event at St Francis College on 'Engaging Positively with Contemporary Culture'. The speaker, the Rev'd Dr Andrew Cameron, will seek to equip churches for effective Gospel ministry by thinking through the challenges and opportunities for positive cultural engagement that exist today.

In last year’s census over 60% of Queenslanders nominated Christianity as their religion. But with far fewer than 60% of the population in church each week, whatever it is that Queenslanders think of as Christian, they’re not finding it at church. What are the challenges that churches face when it comes to engaging positively with contemporary culture? How can we overcome those challenges and take up the opportunity to preach the gospel in a changing world?

Rev Dr Andrew Cameron is the Director of St. Mark’s National Theological Centre in Canberra with a particular interest in the intersection between ethics, politics, apologetics, and theology. Andrew will lead a seminar that helps us think through the challenges and opportunities for positive cultural engagement by churches in 21st century Australia.

Andrew has been a priest in the Anglican Church of Australia since 1993, and has had pastoral experience in a variety of Anglican and other denominational settings. Andrew is the author of Joined-up Life: A Christian Account of How Ethics Works (2011). He is married to Mary-Anne, and they recently replaced two adult children with two fluffy border collies. He doesn’t think Canberra is the centre of the world quite yet, although he’s working on it.

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