STAGE TWO Update: Almost There

It has certainly been cramped these past two weeks, and the dust has been flying as the new extension and Stage 1 merge, but the anticipation of things to come is greatly heightened. The most asked question is “When will it be finished?”. I can tell you that the staff will be moving into the offices on Thursday June 15, and the rest of the building will be available the following week (with further fit-out required prior to us using the worship space).

Thank you to those who have responded to the “Chairs” video. To date, we have received donations to cover the cost of about 60 chairs and I know more people would love to sponsor a chair or five. Speaking of chairs, I am told that all 300 have been made and are in a container due to be delivered for installation on June 21.

Next week will see the retaining wall constructed and the exterior of the building painted. The wall of Jericho in the kid’s room will come down and that room will be expanded with a fresh coat of paint and new vinyl flooring. It will be unavailable to use until Friday afternoon, so will be ready for kid’s club and Sunday school next weekend.

Of course, there is still much to be done before the congregation can move into the new auditorium. We expect that will happen on or around July 16. We need to have all the audio-visual equipment and lighting fully operational before we make the move. Externally, the landscaping will require a deal of effort and we would appreciate an “all hands on deck” weekend to make this happen.

Once we have moved the Sunday services to the new auditorium, we will reconfigure the old auditorium so it can be more efficiently utilised for children’s and youth ministries and other activities. This will include the provision of a large storage space, and movement of the AV desk and existing sanctuary platform.

So, it really is a case of much has been done, and Hutchinson’s will soon complete the major part of Stage 2, but we still have a way to go.

To think that this time last year, we had not even started the drawings is quite remarkable and we give all the Praise to our Lord and Saviour.