Prayers from Sunday

As we commenced our new three-part miniseries on Habakkuk last Sunday, it was wonderful to pray for the world, expressing so much of our longings for the world. Accordingly, with thanks to Kate Venables, please find a copy of the prayers that we offered in God's timing. How wonderful our Lord hears our cries!

Prayers from Sunday, June 25

Lord God who hears our cry, We pray this morning for your world that that seems so steeped in violence and destruction, for nations warring against other nations, for tribes and factions locked in armed conflict and for all the innocent lives that are annihilated in its wake.  We ask you to intercede in South Sudan, in Iraq, in Somalia, in Pakistan and in North Korea and send your justice, your peace and your love and restore the lives of those men, women and children who are homeless, starving, sick and dying. 

We pray for those in Kenya who are desperate amidst the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII, as they struggle to find water, food and a place to call home. We pray for those in South West China who have been lost in the landslide and for all those who are searching, for their families and the surrounding village communities. We pray for the families of all those who lost their lives in the recent London fire and ask you to bless them in their grief journey; and for the families of those who lost their lives in the Bali bombing in 2002 as they struggle with the recent judicial decisions.

As we remember World Refugee Day, we pray you are with the more than 65 million people in our world who have been forced to leave their home, in their daily struggle for survival and for all those developing countries who accept those fleeing from violence and persecution.  Speak into the hearts of those in our own country to reflect your welcoming love and compassion and who work towards providing your hope in the hopelessness and your light in their darkness.

We pray that you will raise up people who listen for your purpose as they speak Your mercy and justice into these situations, and point to you as they challenge the brokenness and seek your Kingdom.

 God of Justice as we wait for your timing, Hear our prayer.

Lord God who sees our cry, We pray this morning for our nation of Australia as we struggle to address the injustices of homelessness, domestic violence, poverty and mental health disease in our country.

We pray for our first peoples in the lead up to NAIDOC Week as they struggle to find a just response to the injustice of colonisation and healing in ways that empower them to live happy, healthy lives and reach the potential you see within them.

We ask to be with all those who are sleeping on the streets in our capital cities, as the temperatures drop and their fear grows; we ask your particular blessing on all the homeless people in Sydney’s CBD who were moved on last week and are seeking somewhere safe to lay their heads. 

Be with all those who respond to your call each day to right the wrongs and seek justice in a world where it is not seen or enacted.  We pray that Your purpose and healing flow through the brokenness and hurt, binding the wounds and making whole the shattered and fragmented.

God of Justice as we wait for your timing, Hear our prayer.

Lord God who feels our cry, We pray for our city of Toowoomba and for the leaders of our town, in government, business and social services and ask that they respond to your call and work for Your justice and Your purpose.

We pray for our family of St Barts and praise and thank you for the amazing growth we are part of. We give you thanks and praise for the amazing construction of Stage 2 and for the enormous privilege to be building something for your glory.  We ask your blessing on all those who have been and are involved in the work and pray your protection on them.  We ask you to be with us as we begin the exciting journey of transitioning into the new space and keep us ever mindful of and listening for your purpose in our lives, in our church and in our worship.

God of Justice as we wait for your timing, Hear our prayer.

Lord God who weeps as we cry, We pray for those on our prayer list and for those in our hearts and ask for their healing from every disease and sickness.  Be with those who have lost loved ones and are struggling with grief and sadness; find someone to share your purpose, your hope and joy with them and a deep sense of your love. 

We pray that you will be with all those who care for and work with the most needy of your people: the lost, the least and the lonely…We pray for all who need our compassion and care, for all who commit themselves to the poorest and for all who are afraid to be involved.  

God of Justice as we wait for your timing, Hear our prayer.