Election of 2018 Parish Council

With great thanks to God, our parish council for 2018 was elected this morning at our deferred AGM. I am delighted to report the appointment of the following people:

  1. David Cowie (Parish Council)
  2. Warren Dutton (Parish Council and Nominator)
  3. Michael Dennison (Parish Council)
  4. Jeremy Freyburg (Warden)
  5. Dennis Gamble (Warden)
  6. Amy Norman (Parish Council)
  7. Jesse Paroz (Parish Council Rector Appointee)
  8. Trish Rathie (Parish Council Rector Appointee and Nominator)
  9. Wendy Swanson (Warden)
  10. Graeme Thomas (Parish Council)
  11. Kate Venables (Parish Council)
  12. Vacant (to be appointed by Rector)

Please be praying for these people as they seek to serve faithfully in these various roles, particularly in the governance of our church. Please also give thanks for the outgoing members of Parish Council - Reuben Lawrence, Jodie O’Shannassy, Matthew Skelton, Malcolm Thompson - who will complete their tenure on Parish Council at the end of 2017.