Book Review: "Surprised by Hope" (and Ordering)

In our culture, people often believe many different things about what happens after death. I'm often surprised at funerals by how common it is for people - without any real belief in God - to believe that a loved one is still somehow 'living on' in some euphoric state. Even amongst Christians, there can be a diversity or uncertainty about what to believe. Ask 20 people in any church what they think heaven will be like and chances are that some will say something like this:                                                                       

“We’ll be living eternally in a spirit state (something like Casper the Friendly Ghost), and it’ll be like a really long church service, only Jesus will be there.”  

The others may propose alternate but vague theories on the subject. But the biblical concept of eternity is actually very clear (as we're exploring in our final week on the Apostles' Creed).

In his book, “Surprised by Hope”, Tom Wright cuts through all the varied ideas, preconceptions and misconceptions we have about the afterlife and gets us thinking biblically on the subject of eschatology (the study of what God’s word says about the end-times). Like all Wright’s books and commentaries, “Surprised by Hope” is highly readable and based on a thorough and
thoughtful exposition of the Bible.

A copy of the book is available in the church library, and for anyone interested. If you're interested in ordering a copy of this book, please email John Strachan (