Carols by Glow Stick: Wednesday December 6 (7-8PM)

Our Carols by Glow Stick - on Wednesday, December 6 - is now just a little over 4 weeks away! Whilst in previous years we have held this event over two nights, this year with the completion of STAGE TWO it means that we can have one large event!

We’re hoping that we can completely fill the church and welcome many visitors from outside of St Bart’s. There are an amazing team of leaders currently preparing for the night, so I really think that this will be a really special night. Part of our hope for the night is that people will grow in their understanding of how Jesus really is GOOD NEWS of GREAT JOY! We’re also hoping that this night will be a great gift to our city.

Three ways to get involved:

  • PRAY: This night will only be successful with prayer. Pray for the team, preparations, spiritual protection, that we will be bold in inviting people along, and that God is preparing the hearts of those who we will invite.
  • PROMOTE: Please take some flyers to share with family and friends. Please also share the Facebook event online.
  • PARTICIPATE: Over the coming weeks, there will be many opportunities to get involved. We’ll announce this next week so please keep an eye out for signup clipboard up the back of the church.

I know this is a really busy time of year, but I’d love you to consider making this event an important part of how you prepare to celebrate Christmas and share such Good News.