Welcome to Toowoomba Meal (Saturday, November 4, 5.30-7.30PM)

I'm very excited that on Saturday November 4, we are partnering with the Welcome Dinner Project to host a Welcome Dinner for members of the Syrian and Iraqi communities in Toowoomba. 

The dinner is designed to assist established Australians (people who were born or have lived in Australia more than 10 years) to meet and make friends with newly arrived Australians (people who have lived in Australia less than 10 years). The Welcome Dinner will go for 2 to 2.5 hours. Every person who attends brings food to share (cooking a meal that is special to you) and sits next to someone they haven't met before. The intention of these dinners is to start new friendships over a meal.

Everyone who is planning to attend the welcome dinner is encouraged to attend the cultural awareness training that will be held for 45 minutes at 11.30AM on Sunday October 29. The training will assist you to have an enjoyable evening with people from another culture, addressing any concerns you may have about what might be inappropriate to talk about or to ask.

If you are interested in attending please put your details on the signup sheet at the back of the church, complete the RSVP form, or contact the office.