New Courses in Ridley Certificate Commencing Soon

In term 4, starting on Tuesday October 10, we will be offering two courses from the Ridley Certificate - "Knowing God" and "Apologetics". Both subjects cost $80 each with enrolments via Ridley College. The courses run from 7.30PM - 9.30PM for six weeks, with each session including two videos and a time for discussion. These are high quality courses, accessible to a broad range of people, and a wonderful opportunity to go deeper in your faith. For more information, see the subject description below, or speak to Trish Rathie (

How to Enrol

  • If you have not previously opened an account with Ridley College got to: open an account with them.  You can then enrol in the subject of your choice. It will cost $80. 
  • If you already have an account with Ridley College, log in to your account and enrol in the subject of your choice ( ). It will cost $80.
  • Regardless whether you sign up for a subject or wish to "try before you buy" could you please let me know the subject that you are planning on joining before our first evening? That way I can ensure that the room is set up appropriately and that there are enough handouts for everyone.  

Knowing God (Core)

Who is God and what can we know about him? What is the Gospel? What is the kingdom that Jesus heralded? In his typically clever and entertaining way, Mike Bird makes theology accessible and practical, teaching not just what Christians believe but why we believe and what difference it makes.

Apologetics (Elective)

When Christian beliefs come under attack, it is easy to become defensive or doubtful in response. Presented by seasoned apologists, including NT Wright, John Lennox and Australia’s John Dickson, this subject explores thoughtful answers to challenging questions, providing participants with critical arguments to both promote and defend the reasonable nature of the Christian faith. Questions tackled include: How trustworthy are the Gospel records? Hasn’t science disproved Christianity? What difference does Christianity really make?