With only a month now before Hutchinson’s complete the construction of Stage TWO, you can imagine that things are rapidly moving forward. We have now reached lock up stage, so that means the new building is secure. The walls have been sheeted and all the windows and doors are in place. The brickwork around the offices is almost done, and the kid’s room extension is very close. The auditorium ceiling framing is showing a defined shape and Visual Focus have prepared their bit for hanging speakers, lighting bars and data projectors.  The plasterer was busy on Saturday catching up and painting will soon commence.

It also means that Adam no longer has his office as it has been incorporated into a large meeting room. The entrance which was an office is also out of bounds and the reception area has just lost seating space. So, if the foyer looks cluttered, it is because we have nowhere else to put things. It’s only a temporary measure and by the end of next month we will have space once again and will no longer have to breathe alternately.

So now our attention is drawn to what happens after the builders have finished and St Bart’s become the custodian. The Facilities Task Group will meet on Monday May 22 again, and the budget will be looked at to see what funds we can apportion where.

Trying to remain calm on the surface, while paddling very hard so please continue praying that we haven’t forgotten anything major.