We are less than two months away from completion of the extension known as STAGE TWO. Of course, it will be a little while after that before all the equipment and seating is installed but we are more than half way along with the project. Last week saw the timber framing of the offices constructed, external windows, air conditioning ducting, framing of Kid’s room 1 and the prayer/quiet room and preparation for the plastering of the internal walls of the auditorium. About 4.5km of cabling was installed last week, mostly for the cbus lighting system that will provide ultimate control over the lights in the auditorium, all controlled from the AV desk. Work has been progressing smoothly. At the end of this week Adam’s office will be no more and the place that David uses as an office will also be converted to an entrance. So, for several weeks, the existing building will be in a state of merging with the new section.

Hutchies have gone to great lengths to allow work to continue in the offices as long as possible but there comes a time when only the reception area will be accessible at the southern end of the building.

Financially we are still on track to meet all commitments, but repayments of almost $11,000 pm on the loan will commence next month.

Pictures have been posted on Facebook of the work to Friday May 21.

Please continue to pray for safety on the work site as much of the work is done about 6 metres from the ground on scissor lifts.