STAGE TWO (Week 8) Progress + Financial Update


After several weeks of seemingly not much happening, the crane came in on Wednesday and lifted 15 concrete walls cast on the ground, some over 20 tonnes, into position. Those who witnessed it were in awe, and the congregation shared in viewing the time lapse video in church this morning. It is also on the website. But wait, there’s more. The structural steel arrived on the truck on Thursday morning as “mainly music” was in full swing. By Saturday evening it was all in place about 7 metres above where we will be sitting in just over 3 months. So far there have been no surprises and Hutchinsons have been brilliant to work with.

The congregation was informed this morning of how we are situated financially, but we should all be thankful to God that this time last year we did not even have anybody engaged to do the work.

We only have a little over two weeks left in the month, but by the end of next week, the roof insulation and sheeting will be started, and by the end of the month, the gutters and down pipes will be installed, a retaining wall beside the footpath complete and footings for the offices poured. A copy of the Gantt chart is in the foyer.

Today, the last of the contents of the play room cupboards will be moved, as on Monday the concrete walls at the back of the cupboards will be cut and the doors and frames removed. There will be some slight inconvenience in the play room while this happens, but it will be sheeted up by next weekend so the playroom can be used.

Please continue to pray for safety on the site.

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