Late February Mitchell Trip


Marilyn and David travelled out to Mitchell on the 24 of Feb and had what we felt was a very productive visit. We did one farm visit, one hospital visit, 2 home visits and met another member of the congregation in the library. These visits where great as it was a time of getting to know some of the people and to hear their stories. Saturday morning, we gave the Mitchell church a good clean. In the afternoon we went with Steffan to Amby Church for their monthly service. Only 2 parishioners came but it was a nice service, Marilyn had her keyboard, and gave us a chance to connect with 2 other locals.

One of the ladies David had met before at a funeral in Toowoomba, it was good to reconnect with her and the other lady invited to her home after the service to show us her craft and B&B retreat. An amazing enterprise out in the country.

Sunday we went to the Mitchell service and connected with a couple of others in the congregation including a young couple originally from Toowoomba, turns out we know the young man’s father quite well, a small world.

David assisted Steffan with the Cup during the Eucharist at both these services.

Steffan would appreciate if we could go out sometimes when he is not there to do the Morning prayer service, the lady who does them at present is 80 and getting frail. We hope to go in May while Steffan is away at his wedding in Switzerland.

After the service on Sunday we left to go to visit grandchildren in Augathella, another great thing to do.

Marilyn and David Johnstone