Lenten Study Guide Available for Order (Last Chance)

This year for Lent we will be taking a closer look at the final stories of Jesus in Matthew's Gospel. Our series (and study guide) is called: "A Sting in the Tale". Over six Sundays (plus Good Friday and Easter Day), we will follow Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem through to Jesus' death and resurrection.

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As part of this series, we have developed a Lenten Study Guide that provides a reading, reflection, questions, and prayer for each weekday in Lent. On Saturday's we have developed a family devotion and for Sunday's, not technically part of Lent (!), we have provided some reflection points to consider as you come along to worship and we hear the sermon for the week.

We're hoping that this resource will be a great blessing to help us grow in our relationship with God, our understanding of his Kingdom and our role in it, along with a greater appreciation of the significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Ordering a Copy

Whilst we will be providing the Lenten guide for free electronically, if you would like to order a printed copy (for pick up on Sunday, February 26), please order it using the form below (cost is $5 to cover printing). Payment can be made at church after services or in the church office.

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I pray that this Lent will help us all to more meaningfully celebrate the phenomenal news that Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again.