Going Deeper: Following Jesus Series - Go

Each week, we provide additional resources that can help to go deeper with whatever series we’re currently focusing on as a church. These are optional extras! Please don’t feel under pressure to look at every resource, but consider what could be useful to you.

Download the Sermon, Small Group Questions, and ‘Going Deeper” Resource.

Something Experiential

  • For the application question this week (identify five people in your sphere of influence who don’t yet know Jesus), write their names down (or make do something visual) so that you can have their names before you every day. It could be as simple as a post-it note or something more creative. Try to use it as a reminder to pray for each person daily and to actively seek opportunities to share the Gospel with them.

Talks & Other Audio


Articles and Other Reading

  • BOOK: “Matthew for Everyone: Matthew” by Tom Wright.
  • WEBSITE: “Talking Jesus”. Talking Jesus is an initiative of the Church of England (in partnership with others) to help followers of Jesus to share the Good News with the world. The website contains some key findings on research regarding evangelism along with key recommendations and resources for churches/individuals to use. Go to: http://www.talkingjesus.org