Mission Partner prayer points for this week: Maranoa-Warrego District, Steffan Van Munster

  • Give thanks for Steffan and his dedication to serving in the west And pray that he will have the energy to continue the travelling and effort that goes into such a widespread parish.
  • Bless Steffan and Eliane as they continue with preparations for their wedding in May and pray that Eliane will settle into a new life and life style in a new country.
  • Give thanks for the faithful support of Parishioners across the Maranoa-Warrego district and that they will see growth in their congregations.
  • Bless the finances of the parish to better enable them to support Steffan and projects that Steffan has in mind to grow the parish.

For further information on our partnership with Maranoa-Western District, please contact liaison, David Johnstone.