Stage 2 Update - February 11


We have reached the end of week 4, and after the crashing and bashing of rollers and jack hammers, the week has been relatively quiet. Now that there was a nice platform, it was time to dig trenches and holes and fill them up again. Storm water drains and piers for the foundations have been poured, and all is going according to plan. Regular meetings have been conducted with Hutchinsons, the Project Manager and myself so all the boxes are ticked. While Adam has been away, a time lapse camera has been clicking away at one frame per minute to record progress.

A time line of progress has been affixed to the wall above the model so we can all see what’s next. Mostly it will still be foundational work but now we also start pouring the tilt-up panels which will form the walls of the building. These are simply concrete panels in moulds and will be stacked on top of each other while curing.

We are also finalising the audio-visual requirements and provision will be made in the concrete floor for conduits to carry cables under the floor of the auditorium and sanctuary.

We will have 4 week’s grace before the existing walls of the kid’s room, crèche and 2nd kid’s room are breached to tie in with the existing structure. That will be from 13th March, so there will need to be some rearrangement of spaces on the western side of the building. However, throughout construction, there will be no interference with the Sunday services.

Meanwhile, the entertainment continues for all the little tackers at ‘mainly music’ each week and getting them away from watching all that big machinery through the window of the crèche is proving difficult.