Adam Travelling to the UK

This Wednesday I will be heading overseas to a conference in the UK that will gather a small handful of representatives from most Dioceses in the Church of England to explore the topic of evangelism and growth. I’ll be part of a small contingent of four people from Brisbane diocese who have been also (generously) invited to attend. I will also use this time to visit an array of churches, research institutes, and other helpful people to hear of what is happening in the UK, and how that might be helpful to us as we partake in God’s mission. Please be praying that this trip would be fruitful for the Gospel and that there will be opportunity for mutual blessing for all who gather. Please also pray that I will learn what is effective in the UK, and what might be helpful to think about in Brisbane (and Toowoomba!). I'd love it if you could also please uphold my family in prayer whilst I'm away. I’m thankful to God that in my absence there is a fantastic team here at St Bart’s! Looking forward to seeing you all when I return in a couple of weeks.