STAGE TWO - No Longer a Dream!


Stage 2 no longer a dream. Anyone who has been at St Bart's this week may have noticed that the action has started and Stage 2 is becoming a reality. For those who have spent time inside the experience is somewhat like a minor earth tremor as the roller compactor hammers the foundations of 4000cu metres of fill.

We will be posting photographs to the website and facebook to enhance the experience on a regular basis and will also be mounting a time lapse camera on the building.

In the coming couple of weeks, the shaking will stop when the pad or platform is completed, and the building will be set out. Piers will be bored and concreted, footings established in a grid and the tilt panels will be poured on the ground. Once cured, a crane will lift them up and place them vertically on site. These will be the external wall of the auditorium.

Stephen and David will have a front row seat as the grills in front of their office will be removed. In the afternoons, the sun will pour in so watch out for the guys in sunnies and visors.

Please continue your prayers for safety on the site and a clear path with minimal interruption.